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4 Stupid Drivers Caught on Tape by the Beach

Every city has its insane, reckless, crazy, speedaholic drivers, but this particular place has a unique combination of bad drivers and messed up traffic. I am talking, of course, about Miami. The rules that usually apply in traffic are much different here. Either they are ignored completely or they mean something other than a usual driver is used to.

Stop signs are completely ignored, the red lights do not mean “STOP,” they mean “three more cars,” the horn is used excessively and for all the wrong reasons, the number of drunk-driving accidents is skyrocketing, the right to cross the street is hardly given to pedestrians, and the list could go on and on. You can easily say that if you’ve driven in Miami, you can drive anywhere. These four drivers have crossed all the boundaries of normalcy when it comes to driving. Their stories are one-of-a-kind and it can give you an idea of how “special” it really is to drive in Miami.

  1. Driving while shaving: This is the story of 37-year-old Megan Mariah Barnes who was driving to see her boyfriend when she got into a car accident. The cause of the incident? She was distracted as she shaved her bikini line. She claimed she wanted to get ready for a date with her lover and didn’t have the required time to do it at home. In the car with her was her ex-husband who was steering the wheel while she was shaving her pubic hair. She slammed into the back of a 2006 Chevrolet pickup and continued to drive for almost half a mile before stopping. She was also charged with driving with no insurance and a revoked license. The Miami New Times blog labeled her “Pubic Enemy Number One.”
  2. Sunbathing and getting run over?: An employee of the beach concessionaire Boucher Brothers ran over two sunbathers and left them with a few injuries, though none were life threatening. The driver was behind the wheel of a Ford F-150 truck and was not allowed to exceed five mph. The company car was supposed to help with the removal of equipment and supplying the concessions. Not only was he driving out of his work area, but judging by the victims injuries, he pushed the gas pedal a little too hard. The company refused to make public the driver testimony and the causes of the accident. That is not a beach story tourists are looking forward to telling when they get home.
  3. Passed out drunk in the police squad car: Idling in a busy intersection in Miami Beach was a squad car. Behind its wheel was Fernando Villa, a 32-year-old officer. Not only had he blacked out while drunk, but he was almost naked, wearing only a pair of cargo shorts. Luckily he fell asleep with his foot on the brake pedal, which was the only thing stopping him from rolling into the jammed intersection and causing a big accident. After being discovered by a fellow cop, he was not arrested, but given special treatment and driven home with only a promise to appear in court. While being investigated, the police found out about the other times that Officer Villa was “forgiven” — he beat up a man with Down syndrome for no apparent reason, he killed a cooperating defendant, and he was caught using drugs. Nevertheless, he was still working as a police officer, was respected and seen as a law-abiding citizen.
  4. Sex in intersection: This sounds like a scene from a bad comedy movie, but I can assure you it happened in real life. A couple in a 1998 Mitsubishi SUV stopped their car in a busy intersection and proceeded to have sex. Not only were they disturbing the traffic in the intersection, but the shock came when they decided to go out of their vehicle butt naked. When the officers arrived and asked the couple to put their clothes back on, the woman refused, saying “Everyone has already seen me naked. I don’t have to get dressed now.” After discovering that the police were called by a woman living next to the intersection, the “naked lady” sought revenge. She popped a squat and urinated near the door of the woman who called the police and then started screaming and cursing. The urination was caught on tape, adding another charge to her previous one.