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6 Videos of Cars Getting Destroyed by Tornadoes

Tornadoes occur everywhere, and no place is guaranteed safe from their fury. Tornado Alley, however, breeds multiple tornadoes season after season. The Alley extends from Texas to the Dakotas and includes Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Oklahoma gets more tornadoes than any other state, and drivers in that state need to maintain great vigilance against the dangers. Chasing tornadoes as popularized on television is a monumentally foolish risk. Tornadoes can easily kill and destroy.

Video proves the devastation tornadoes cause. Large vehicles and trucks can be tossed effortlessly by winds reaching speeds up to 300 mph. Tornadoes occur with the greatest frequency in Oklahoma in spring, but many also occur during autumn months. Tornadoes pose critical danger to life and property, as the following videos indicate.

  1. This killer video is one of the most dramatic ever: The video shows the complete destruction of a vehicle — but the vehicle in question is a train — and the video is shot from the locomotive in front of the destroyed railroad car. If these funnels can derail a moving train, cars stand little chance. The video was shot in Illinois in 2009.
  2. Multiple Oklahoma videos record the big Campo, Colorado tornado : This tornado struck near the Colorado and Oklahoma border. The video was streamed live on the Weather Channel, and correspondent Andy Gabrielson shot it. The tornado crosses 50 yards in front of Andy’s moving vehicle. The site has links to other videos that follow the devastation caused by this major storm.
  3. This video shows a car being hit by a tornado with people inside: The drama of this intense video is hard to watch. The tornado hits while the camera is rolling, and the car is overturned. The video was broadcast by the Discovery Channel and illustrates the dangers of tornadoes and the risk people take trying to film them. The woman’s screams are heart-rending, as is her uncontrolled shaking after the car is overturned.
  4. A truck driver survives the destruction of his vehicle: This video shows how a powerful storm can obliterate a large truck. The driver was very lucky to escape with his life. It was shot in Oklahoma during the destructive rampage that took place on May 25, 2011. The driver, Jeremiah Morrison, lived to tell his tale with only a few scratches and bruises.
  5. A car is destroyed by hail from a tornado: Hail can be a frightening side effect of tornadoes, which the crew discovered when its vehicle lost its windshield and was destroyed by accompanying hail. The reporters had been chasing tornadoes in Kansas between the cities of the Pratt and Greensburg. After the hail stops, another tornado forms over open country, and the dauntless reporter continues chasing afterward in a wrecked car.
  6. Car is overturned by tornado: Associate storm chaser Will Wilkins followed the effects of a tornado that hit Huntington Beach, California, on January 19, 2010. The tornado overturned a car and damaged trees and a roof.